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I started my Divine Feminine journey about 10 years ago.


After experiencing infertility for 3 years, followed by 3 miscarriages in a row, and then a high risk pregnancy that had me house ridden for 8 months, I had my first child.

He was perfect.

During the delivery I fractured my tailbone, causing me tremendous pain, and making breastfeeding and taking care of my newborn a tremendous feat.

I spent hours upon hours at the local breastfeeding center, I went to physical therapy 3 times a week to help with my tailbone, and my son would only sleep 45 minutes at a time.

But I didn’t care, I had my beloved son, and was devoted to him.


The plan was for me to go back to my corporate job.

After all I had worked my ass off to get to the #1 sales person in the international company, I worked many 50-60 hour work weeks and commuted to the heart of the SF Financial District daily, I was making multiple six figures. I LOVED it there. It was huge part of my identity.


But there was this maternal instinct inside of me that told me that I could not go back to working 60 hour weeks, commuting, and have my baby in childcare daily.

So, I asked my boss if I could work from home 1 day a week to help ease my anxiety.

She said no.

A woman boss said nope, if I wanted to return to work I needed to be there every-single-day.

I was in total shock…..and I was pissed.

So I quit. Right then and there.

I left the best job of my life, colleagues I loved, my position as #1, multiple six figures, and I choose my son.


Something in me just KNEW that if my boss was not able to respect my request to work ONE day at home a week to care for my newborn after I had spent YEARS building up my career and being loyal to the company, that I needed to get the FUCK out of there.


Quitting my corporate job cut our income by more than half.

We eventually had to sell our 5 bedroom house and move into a 2 bedroom rental.

And as my dad said to me a million times “it was a no brainer”.


Fast forward a few years.

My husband and I had two sons now and I was pregnant with our 3rd child.

During this pregnancy something began to swirl deep inside me.


I decided to take maternity photos all by myself and booked a session in the cherry blossom field, that only blooms 2 weeks out of the year.

I will never forget that morning, walking barefoot on the damp ground, total silence, blossoms as far as the eye could see.

I was lost in a magical fairy land, and I took my time walking around, and connecting with my belly and the little being inside.

Even though we did not know at the time, something inside of me just new that I was carrying and baby girl.

As I stood there in the field, gazing at my belly, I made a promise to her…


That I would equip myself, I would awaken myself, I learn to love myself...all of me.

The inside AND the outside….


A couple weeks later I was handed my daughter for the first time.

And she was perfect.

You see, she was born beautiful….

She IS beauty.




ALL little girls are BORN beautiful.

This is our true and natural state as feminine creatures.

To be the greatest beauty in the world.


This is available to every single little girl.

To every single one of us.

To every women.

To you.


And as my little girl grows up I have made a promise,

that she will keep her beauty-knowing safe.

That she will keep that knowing protected from the many LIES that will be told to her.....

that she is not tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough....

those lies ALL OF US were told somewhere along the way....

the lies that separated us from our truth, that made us feel less than, that created boundaries of connection from our sisters because of the lie of BEAUTY SCARCITY.


Let me be the first to get in line to tell you:


you were created beautiful,

it is time to heal- to rewire your thinking,

and it is time for you to reclaim what is already yours.


Stop giving your beauty superpower away to OUTSIDE SOURCES.

They feed off of the lie of beauty scarcity, separation, and lack of sisterhood.


I know outward beauty is not all we are. BUT it is some of what we are, it is part of us, and it is calling to you to be addressed.

To be loved on.

To be nurtured.

To be recognized for what it truly is.... Divinely Beautiful.


Life is a gift. Your very existence is a gift. Your body is a gift.


So come back home to her, the LITTLE GIRL INSIDE YOU, her innocent beauty.... and the power that lies within.


Three years later I took the stage at the International WomanSpeak Festival and gave my keynote talk on the Divine Feminine. I spoke about the 2nd layer of skin that society hands women. That this layer is a layer of fear, shame, and disconnect. It is often unknowingly handed down to us from our own mothers….


Join me next Wednesday, March 20th @12:30pm PST, in my private Facebook group to hear more. I want to help you design your own new 2nd layer of skin! This is your chance to begin stepping into it together with me! I will be jumping on Facebook live to help you take steps forward in your own Divine Feminine Journey, so that you can get what you want in life and business.

Join my group by clicking here: Beauty + Body RECLAMATION

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