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#RedLipRevolution - Kristin's Activation

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


"I'm sorry my testimony is coming in so late, but I truly feel the need to share it, tell it, scream it, etc. with as many women as I possibly can.

I was actually referred to Crystal through a mutual friend who thought we would really hit it off and be kindred spirits together. First of all, our friend was exactly right, there's this wonderful thing called divine timing and divine souls, and I sincerely am such a believer in both. I was newer to the group when Crystal announced she was doing a five day Red Lip Revolution challenge. Curious as to what this was all about, I kept following her posts, and every day she prefaced the challenge with a few ideas and new outlooks to prepare us for the 5 days.

At this very time, I was in the middle of losing my mom, and I was seriously struggling, but something was telling me I really needed to participate. I will be extremely honest, the thought of wearing red lipstick scared the hell out of me! I could talk myself out of it faster than anything else (it's not a good color for me, I am too old, I am not pretty enough to wear red lipstick, I am not powerful enough to wear it, red lips are only for special occasions... the list went on and on), so you can see where my head was at... but there was something different this time. I didn't talk myself out of it. I totally committed. I wanted to challenge myself.

What the #RedLipRevolution taught me was life changing. I am not just saying this, I learned and live differently now. How? For starters, I am not afraid to be seen, and I do not make myself smaller. As a matter of fact, I walk taller, I embrace myself and femininity even more, I actually WANT to be seen. This is pretty spectacular because I was comfortable in my little world. It came easier for me to be quiet and fly under the radar, let everyone else be successful as if I was doing them a favor. I was told if something scares the crap out of you, then the exact thing you need to do is jump in. No matter how scary it is, that is what you need the most.

I jumped all the way in. I participated every day, I looked at myself, I listened to my soul, I shared my experiences and read everyone else's too. It was extremely empowering how so many of us came together. I did lose my mom during my transformation, however I can't help but think that she looks down at me and says, 'DAMN! I am so proud!" It has been life changing for me, the lessons keep coming, and if you've ever wondered how red lipstick can change your life, I cannot encourage you enough to join the next 5 day challenge. I will be, too.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.S. another HUGE bonus, my 4 1/2 year old daughter wore red lips with me! She deserves to be seen just as much as all of us. Hope to see you all next round! 💋 Crystal, I will always be so grateful for you!"

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