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My home state, California, is burning.

My home state, California, is burning. The air quality is Hazardous. I’m in my bedroom with 2 air purifiers and doors and windows taped. I’m very privileged that I can do this. Too fucking many are not, too many families and people are suffering and suffocating.

The way out that i see is the continued liberation of pussy. Yes, i said it. Pussy. The literal place where the magic of life is sourced from. The place where the most pleasure on the earth lives.

She knows. She has answers. She has ideas, wisdom, and an instinct of not just survival but the knowledge of how to literally create life.

If we want to turn the trajectory of the planet around we need women listening, trusting, and speaking from pussy. If we want to stop the injustice and inequity of suffering we need more pussy. We need women tapping into this energy and then sharing their ideas sourced from (pussy) source.

This is one of the reasons why I’m so damn proud and passionate about my Speak from your lips course. I know doors are closed but I’m willing to open them to take in a few more courageous women who might be terrified to speak, or terrified to say the ACTUAL things they want to say, or are terrified of saying the wrong thing, or know they want to say things but not sure what.... basically if you are looking to love on your voice and body and want to share more of yourself outwardly- this is the place for you.

Get yourself in LIPS and hurry. We-need-you-yesterday. Need.

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