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Seriously, you all! Spend intentional time creating:

1. Connection to self

2. Your community

3. Your support team

These three things I have been carefully curating for the past couple years.

And it's constantly paying off.

Any time I put into the 3 above things, is given back to me 10 fold...I can't out-give my receiving!

For #3 today I spoke with my incredible Sensuality Coach and friend Lucia A Sciarpa Paxton for 1.5 hours. We have an amazing connection. We have this way of really opening up to each other and seeing each other so beautifully. Lucia has been devoted to sensuality work and training since 2003 and has thousands of hours of training. I am constantly delighted to learn about all the areas of training she has experience in and she keeps learning daily!

I have found that as I add people to my support team, I am able to expand at such a beautiful pace.

xoxo, Crystal

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