• crystallangen

I want to see your power.

I want to see your power. I want to see it all over the internet and the places you occupy.

But most of all i want YOU to see your power. See yourself and challenge yourself to rise even higher.

Think selfies are just “some thing those girls do”??? Nope. How about using a selfie as a powerful embodiment tool? How about using a selfie to hold a mirror up to yourself and then call her to rise higher? How about using a selfie as a tool to unlock your voice???

Imagine that. A selfie might just be the thing you try and it unlocks your voice.

And once you unlock your voice then you can unlock your truth and once you unlock your truth you can live a more authentic life.

Being authentic on the internet is how I roll, it’s how I’ve attracted 41 women into my Speak from your LIPS course. And these seemingly “random tools” are in fact not random at all. And i am going to show you everything i can fit into 12 weeks together when you say yes and get in LIPS today.

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