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Imagine this…..

Imagine this…..You’re standing in front of the mirror, your favorite song playing, and you have a freshly purchased new tube of Fire Engine Red Lipstick. You lock eyes with your reflection, take a deep breath, and then you go for it. You DARE. You dare to put on that luscious, gorgeous red lipstick and then……???

Here’s where you tell us.

You tell a group of warm, loving, curious women....

We want to know how it makes you FEEL.

Together we are exploring wearing 5 days of Red Lipstick in our #RedLipRevolution Challenge.

It’s all happening here and we WANT you to join us, we WANT to hear your stories, AND we want you to hear the stories of hundreds of other women who will be doing the same. Request to join this group and join the Revolution:

PS. What is your FAVORITE empowerment song right now? I am compiling a new playlist and would LOVE to know what you are jamming to currently! Please share some of your fav songs in the comments below!

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