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I am a huge fan of finding ways to ignite my 5 senses. I often wonder, how can I elevate my experiences to ignite, open up to, and infuse more pleasure into what I am already doing? What are my daily routines that can be either made a little more pleasurable OR can I take them all the way to become a ritual in my life? . I am delighted to see the hype around the Marie Kondo show on Netflix. However, I can only speak second hand, from what I am seeing friends and clients talk about since I have not personally read her book or watched her show (I promise I will watch/read one day soon!). . At any rate I am often told that what I am doing in my business reminds people of what she is up to. And I friggin' love that. I love that there is this person out there who a lot of people resonate with, that she sees that there is a need for us to bring more meaning into our routines and our physical awareness. . As I begin to look at 2019 and what art I want to continue to bring into the world I know in my heart I will be opening up to taking on more one-on-one clients. Because I want to ignite pleasure, infuse joy, and bring more clarity to women’s lives. I know you are up to so many amazing things, you are bringing your own art into the world and I want to be the women who stands behind you giving you a solid start to your morning! Where instead of feeling like your closet is in chaos and is a black hole of stuff and stress….instead I want it to be a place of clarity, calm, beauty, and a source of pleasure to begin your day in. . I want your closet to be a place that awakens each of your 5 senses each morning. A place of igniting pleasure. Because it CAN be that….it can be a special place for you to visit, activate, and emerge from. It can be a place where you rediscover your own beauty, honor it and celebrate it. . Here’s to 2019 and the year you meet your beauty again, love on her, and disengage from the shitty marketing and advertising that is trying so hard to keep you separated from her.

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