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Bring a friend!!

Tell all your friends! I’m sooooo serious. We have 34 incredible, brave, EXCITED women in the Speak From Your Lips course so far!!! And if every-single-one-of-you linked arms with one other woman and brought her into this community the we would have 68!!!! That would be 68 more women: 💋💦speaking up!!!! 💋💦linking arms and showing each other the way!!! 💋💦creating safety in their own bodies and in sisterhood spaces!!! 💋💦digging and excavating the wisdom the lives within them to share with the world!!! 💋💦pouring love into each other!!!

Will you join us AND bring your bestie along WITH you?!!! Or bring along a woman you admire?! Or bring along a women you know is YEARNING to be SEEN?! I have a vision where women take the “SPEAK FROM YOUR LIPS” course together!!! Do you want to gift this to a woman? I’d be more than happy to give you a coupon code for that. Want to send a friend a link to the course with a special coupon code? Message me and I’ll give it to ya! I know you know a woman’s whose life would be greatly impacted by being in this container with YOU and me. This is the true way to link arms and rise together! Sales cart closes on TUESDAY! Class starts Sept 15th. Payment plans and extended payment plans available!

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