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Red Lip Revolution Reaction

My private FB Group was asleep,

no one was engaging with my posts,

I was not nurturing it at all...

Hey, I'm a mom of 3 and am deeply connected to my husband and dad and friends and I just needed to allow my desire to start my business to be on it's own timeline....

A timeline and unfolding that felt authentic, connected, embodied, transparent, real, and that turned me on.

And that time has arrived!!!

My two boys are in school.

My love life is ravishing and constantly deepening.

My daughter is 4 and super independent.

And now, whelp, now my FB Group could receive my full attention. I could turn toward it and pour the love, devotion, and attend to it the way I attend to the other juicy parts of my life.


after 1 week of pure authentic attention my tiny but mighty FB Group 

Beauty + Body RECLAMATION has:

GROWN by 42%

POSTS are up by 2,700%

and the biggie, the REACTIONS are up by the fuck is that even a percentage?


ok, so here's the thing. My group is small and I started from asleep status BUT to me, personally, I would MUCH much much rather have a SMALL and HAPPY and ENGAGED group that is PACKED, oozing, dripping with my authenticity, easy and VALUE for the women who choose to join me and my #CrystalsRedLipRevolution + #BeautyReclamation + #PUSSYbookCLUB and alllll the millions of other incredible ideas I haven't even scratched the surface of YET.....



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