KC Baker

Founder & CEO of KC Baker International Inc.

and WomanSpeak

"Delightful! Real. True. Deeply powerful. These are just a few words to describe being in the audience listening to Crystal Langen speak. Her message of radical love of self and the sacred art of adorning is born from the depths, and her storytelling takes us there. I think it’s impossible to hear Crystal speak and forget about her or her message any time soon. Her message and her presence stay with you. She’ll have you viewing the time you spend dressing yourself - and the woman in the mirror

- in a whole new way.  "

Gina Moro

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and story with us. The gentle, calm way you spoke and how you felt every word you said in your body was so beautiful."

"I loved how Crystal's message and body language were both in a sensual flow during her talk

at the International WomanSpeak Festival."

"I had the privilege and blessing of having a private intensive/VIP day with the beautiful Crystal C Avila Langen! 💕 Oh my goodness!!!
Crystal embodies the full essence of coaching mastery with love and grace.

I’ve worked with many coaches and experts and by FAR Crystal is one of the BEST I’ve worked with!! 
Her ability to get the the heart of a matter and pull out of you perhaps what you didn’t know was there or didn’t remember was there is full on expert!! 
Her compassionate and loving energy sets the tone and atmosphere to receive.

Spending time with Crystal today helps me be a better coach and expert. I highly recommend working with Crystal if you are looking for clarity, greater awareness, a deeper sense of connection with yourself and having an overall magical and loving experience in a supportive, non-judgmental environment!

Crystal is Queen, Coach, Space Holder, Facilitator of Greatness, Compassion, Love, and Friend all wrapped into one beautiful woman!!"

Chris Wagner

"Crystal rocked the house!

This is her gifting. 

There are so many women out there that definitely could benefit from learning all these tools she teaches to go after what they really want in their life."

Crystal, You are the embodiment of such generousity and being with you this weekend is like being covered in warm honey ...!