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There is power in radically accepting our outer beauty as much as our inner beauty.

How about instead of using beauty to separate and categorize women against each other, instead we use it to create the deepest connections we have ever had?

Crystal Langen

Certified Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Coach, Course Creatress
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Short clip of Crystal's Keynote talk. 

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"Delightful! Real. True. Deeply powerful. These are just a few words to describe being in the audience listening to Crystal Langen speak. Her message of radical love of self and the sacred art of adorning is born from the depths, and her storytelling takes us there. I think it’s impossible to hear Crystal speak and forget about her or her message any time soon. Her message and her presence stay with you. She’ll have you viewing the time you spend dressing yourself - and the woman in the mirror - in a whole new way.  "

-KC Baker, Festival Owner

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Beauty Reclamation 
Deepen Connection to Self
Accepting Your Outer Beauty 

Women are tired of the toxic influences that target their self connection, self worth, and their relationships with other women.


Women are over being held back by outside forces, such as social media and marketing that have nothing to do with who they really see when they look in the mirror.


Through enchanting storytelling, bold truth telling, and her alluring ability to deeply connect with her audience in the moment Crystal Langen helps women shed that once protective 2nd layer of skin (a layer of shame, disconnect, protection, and a barrier to love) so that women can be free to look in the mirror and celebrate who they see.


She supports women in transforming any fear of being rejected due to vanity or being seen as conceded and instead turn it into free flowing celebration of who she is and a way to actually connect deeper with other women. It is her mission to help women awaken, reclaim, and finally thrive in beauty abundance.


What becomes possible for women who hear Crystal’s message is the ability to bring forth her unique gifts to the world sourced from a place of connection to her own beauty and her overflow of self love.