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What the heck even is a Mastermind?

What is Crystal's Mastermind? What even is Crystal try to sell me right now? I am so glad you asked!!! lol

To me, my Mastermind is a close knit, intimate group of women who are committed to journeying together for 6 months. We get real AF, we let down our guards, we learn to hold space for ourselves and each other as we rise together. We know that the key to accelerating women's liberation and empowerment is to do it together! When we learn to do it together women as a collective will step into powerful leadership positions faster and tip the scale.

We are committed to unpacking: visibility and vulnerability wounds competition and comparison wounds perfectionism traps that keep us stuck sisterhood wounds she's prettier than me wounds long lasting re-wiring of our nervous systems strengthening our mindset embodying the divine feminine leading with our pleasure center

Along the way we laugh, cry, relate, love, soften, strengthen, and create lasting relationships.

Why is this all important for our businesses and wealth creation for women? Because a when you don't feel pretty, you hold yourself back from getting visible. Because when you spin in circle in trying to produce the perfect product you stop yourself from selling (which can cause a huge delay or even have you drop the project all together). Because when you become visible and then you have the inevitable hangover, it might cause trauma and then it takes you a long time to get visible again. Because when you operate your business from pleasure you create a business that is sustainable for the rest of your life!

So yeah, these things are very important to running your business and life. They are very relevant. They are legit. They are the foundation from which you can build stability.

I create a container for us to practice these principles and more. The way it actually works is I see what is up for the women in the group. What topics are ripe and urgent in the moment. I get tuned in with the individuals in the group.

We meet 3 times a month on a group Zoom call where you can literally ask me anything (business, life, pleasure, sisterhood, strategy, etc). You also get 4 one-on-one calls with me where I go deeper into addressing exactly what is up for you in the moment. You get to take up ALLLLL the space in that call! We have a 1-day group retreat in the SF bay area!!! Girls just wanna have FUN! We have a private facebook group where you can practice doing FB Lives, creating content, you can post your mindset journaling to be witnessed and loved on in your vulnerability, you can ask questions and practice taking up space! You also get access for free to any courses or events I put out (and I have SUPER FUN events!)

Would you like more information? Are you curious? Do you want to have an open conversation about this journey with me?

All you have to do is message me in FB Messenger or book a call with me. Let's have a chat. Let's get to know each other more. I want to know what your desires are!

xoxo, Crystal

PS. Hurry. Enrollment closes April 29th.

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