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This MOB BOSS (aka MOM BOSS lol)

spent the morning messaging back and forth with one of my clients about a new sale she was closing. I am so proud of this amazing client, she has been setting boundaries, she has been calling in all kinds of money ($21,000 in the last 2 months), and all the while is a single mama, super duper fun, REAL AF, and naming all her doubts and fears, asking for support (from moi and her other biz coach- YUP you get to have 2 coaches y'all!), doing her mindset work + eating ice cream each night with zero shame.

Maybe I should just have my client come into my group and do my FB Live for me today? <3

Today at 12:30pm PST I will be coming in my private Facebook group Beauty + Body RECLAMATION live for the final day in our 3-day series. I will be talking about my (current) journey with the archetype MOB BOSS.

This is the most edgy for me because I am currently journeying with myself into.......

Money mindset / MINDSET

Not just burning shit down but blowing it up (bombing scarcity and sisterhood wounds and "not-enough-ness" wounds)


Expanding my capacity to receive even MORE

Learning to dominatrix myself

Take up even more space in my: house, relationship, mothering, in this group, hiring support

Telling (letting people see) that I had an $81,000 launch

#pussyEconomy #CEO #Breadwinner #IamtheBOSS


Meet me in here:

@12:30pm PST

I'll be in there on Facebook Live talking about Mob Boss

Today is day 3 of our 3 day series!

I am totally open to stay on a little longer to answer questions about any of the 3 archetypes we visited this week (Divine Feminine, #RedLipRevolution, Mob Boss..... or the pitstop I took at #THATmom)

Join my group here:

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