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The simple act of wearing Red Lipstick

Listen to what some of the women are discovering by the simple act of wearing Red Lipstick

“I hadn’t worn lipstick especially red in years. I found that I do enjoy red lipstick and got into makeup after this. It felt like it healed my inner young woman who experienced pain for her beauty. I gave my self permission to be seen and visible. I enjoy positive attention!👄” 💄

“When I look at my red lips, it’s like a secret code word for fun and pleasure!! It’s reminder of ancient women who crushed berries to anoint their lips, adorn their bodies and connect to the 🌍.” 💄

“The Red Lip Revolution has been a surprising blast of inspiration and refreshing dose of connection and community.”

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Don’t delay. Join us here for the next 5 Days. It’s not just a simple 5-day-challenge, it’s an INITIATION:

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