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Shit started getting really real.

-I quit my 6 figure corporate job that i loved because they wouldn’t let me work from home one day a week to care for my newborn and my broken tailbone and wounded pussy. -I sold my 5 bedroom house and moved into a 2 bedroom 900 square foot rental with a family of 5. -I had my daughter in the most epic, empowering homebirth that included massages, walks, a nap, and her spontaneous emergence. -I enrolled in a $20k mentorship program to learn how to speak my truth from the public stage and deepen into my purpose, with zero clue how I would pay for it. -I fired my patriarchal business coach due to the toxic masculinity I was experiencing and lack of transparency.

AND -I healed my pussy. Both my physical one (due to 3 childbirths that made sex painful). And my energetic / spiritual pussy, the one that knows my divine feminine essence and power.

Intrigued? I would hope so.

Starting this Wednesday May 20th I’m hosting a 3 day Facebook live series where I talk about 3 of the phases of my journey to get where I am now. 1. The Divine Feminine 2. The #RedLipRevolution 3. Mob Boss

I suggest you stop waiting and hurry up and join my private Facebook group already.

All going down here each day at 12:30pm PST. Click here to join me: Beauty + Body RECLAMATION

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