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See these amazing humans?

See these amazing humans? They are gorgeous. They are showing up.

And I’m not messing around. I’m nurturing a revolution and the #initiation is just the beginning.

Look at what they are saying about their latest #RedLipRevolution experience with me and us in our FB group. The words on their photos are what this experience provided.....they say it all.

When you show up. When you are embodied. When you are your own beloved. When you deepen. When you emerge....

You create a space for more.

But you gotta be willing to be transparent, you gotta be willing to connect, you gotta be willing to ask for support, you gotta be willing to love on others, you gotta be willing to show up more than just once, you gotta develop a community with others (don’t go it alone).

I’m creating the perfect container for you to deepen & emerge. A mastermind of 8. We start Nov 6th with a bonus call happening Oct 30th. For 6 months. We will link arms and carry each other through the holiday season and into the new year.

If you want to go deeper with me and the other women identified people who have already said yes then let me know. All you have to do is ask. So let’s talk about it, let’s connect on the phone. Let’s see how we can change your life and create a REVOLUTION of your own!

#initiated #RedLipRevolution

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