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5 thrones have been taken by Queens.

5 thrones have been taken by Queens. 5 of 8. So, yes 3 are available and the seat is being kept warm for you.

I didn’t name my Mastermind “Deepen & Emerge” for no reason, of course.

DEEPEN Into ourselves Into each other in sisterhood Into our desires Into our communities Into our gifts Into our wisdom Into our voices Into LIFE itself

EMERGE Emerge from this place. As we fall deeper in love with ourself we can turn and give from this place. We can create sourced from this place. We can emerge into the world at our pace and share. We can see that we have our own answers.

AND we’re not doing it alone. We are TOGETHER. We ARE cheering each other on. We are pushing each other to go further. We are saying it’s safe to do so. Together.

Let me know if you want to talk more about this. It’s my 6 month mastermind of women. We will gather on the phone together and also 1:1 with me. Having a conversation to get your questions answered is the perfect place to start. Then you can get your questions answered and really feel into if now is your time to join us in this Queens Council Mastermind experience.

Photo credit: my dad. I was showing him my Goddess Power pose inspired by Kuan SF this weekend.

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