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I had a deep down desire, my dear friend Elizabeth Clair de Lune helped me uncover. I wanted to SPEAK UP the next time I was handed a crown (which has historically been promptly taken away). I wanted to use my voice to INSPIRE others to reach for their own crowns and not let anyone take theirs away

Whelp I started that in a big way last night. I spoke at an intimate gathering at my amazing friendLisa Betts-Lacroix’s Super Power U Live event. Look at me puttin on my own crown! Damn! That’s hot!

Andrea Hale helped me keep my crown on, Sheri Hennings took this amazing photo and Jacki Rigoni nourished me with her heart open talk that left us all crying and feeling expanded and empowered.

So, it’s Monday my friends. #Monday is our day to speak our #desire !!!!!

What do you desire??? And guess what, it can be the same as last week’s desires.

💋SPEAK your desires!💋

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