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hey mama, I see you.

hey mama, I see you. Because i am you. Working hard. Wanting to contribute to the family, to the household income, show your little one(s) we can do self care, purpose work, self nurturing, relationships, intimacy, household, and connection with the littles who love us so. And we can, we absolutely CAN have what we want. I know we can because I have it. I have an amazing connected life. And also, I struggle, get tired sometimes, have shitty days, cry, worry. Cause like duh, we are so very human. We are so connected to our humanity, to life force itself, to the fragile-ness of caring for and being literally responsible for another humans life on-the-daily. Never ending.

And we have the privilege of seeing utter and uninhibited joy in our children’s faces when they delight in life. We see their magical smiles and feel their loving hugs and kisses. We know we are literally the most important thing in our little ones life! We don't want to miss a thing.

And, I speak for myself here, it is so epic to be the center of my little ones universe, it feels so good to pour into these three little beings. And darn if they don’t interrupt me literally every 3 minutes. Literally. Like I started writing this about 2 hours ago…. I have since made 2 people food, picked up some random laundry in the stairs, broken up several arguments, hugged a crying child, asked kids to pick up after themselves who acted like I was making them do something that was so sad so they wailed and wailed, I gave coughing kids medicine, I found the Ignatia for myself and my husband, I can’t even remember what else I did during that 2 hour interruption but it was non-stop.

So yeah, being a mom who is in business for herself means dealing with HUGE amounts of interruptions, HUGE disruptions to flow, HUGE amounts of time spent managing little human’s feelings and needs….and then somehow getting back in flow- at least 50% back in flow with one ear listening to what the little humans are doing downstairs..

9 years of juggling the mom role and the juggling being Crystal role.

Of course i would not have it any other way, cause duh. I love my little humans. And I just want to presence, being a mom and navigating the desire to have an amazing fulfilling business is a huge feat. It requires immense amounts of juggling, patience, time, and energy. And I want to pat myself on the back for it.

Although it is a lot, and stretches me to my core. I literally won’t ever give up, I am in it for the long haul, the mom-ing and me-ing and working. Because, I am doing it all for them. Doing it with the dream of making the world a better place for them.

The business I dream of is one where women around the world see their true beauty, see their true magic, see that they hold the key to so much happiness for the people whose lives they touch.

I want to inspire women to heal themselves, heal their communities, and heal the planet. I want women to use their voices, share their wisdom, and love the heck out of themselves while doing it.

And I know that the reality of being a mom of 3 and trying to do this work, means that I have to keep it simple. I figured that out several years ago and I am sticking to my method. Simple rituals, simple practices, simple solutions….and then doing them often throughout the day.

It’s how I designed my current 5-day challenge to be. Simple. Actionable. And grounded in reality. The reality that we will get interrupted a million times, that we will get pulled away constantly from doing our mindset work, that sometimes doing a long ritual just isn’t going to happen today or this week.

I'd like to invite you to come join us in my private Facebook group to see what today’s simple practice is. I have 5 days worth of simple things to try out, come see which ones resonate with you and which ones don’t. I know each mama and woman responds to practices differently (and nope you absolutely do not need to be a mama to participate, I am only speaking about mom-hood ‘cause that is the place I am personally in right now). This challenge is for any woman who desires to feel into her embodiment more and wants to get on the path to getting there.

xoxo, Crystal

Join us here: ♥️Beauty + Body RECLAMATION

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