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Kinks + Quirks

Kinks & Quirks Y’all, your quirks and kinks are your secret sauce. Stop trying to hide them all the time. We are in the days of personal liberation, speaking up, and showing the world just how multilayered we all are! Social media is such a great platform for self expression and somehow you have found a really cool group (here) to share yourself with! . Kinks and quirks are not just sexual (although they totally can be😍) but they are also those funny, strange, kinda odd things you do. And those things make you interesting! . In a speaking class I was teaching two years ago I gave one of my clients an assignment “speak for 5 minutes about one of your quirks”. She proceeded to tell the most HILARIOUS story of how she likes to poke and prod and bug her husband. She gets all sassy and playful and one of the things she does is she picks at his ears🤣. We were all rolling and laughing soooooooo hard as she was telling us this story! This super polished, poised, “professional” woman was revealing such a fun and quirky secret and we LOVED it. We ate it up and asked for more! She absolutely owned the room in that moment with her storytelling and we felt like we were privy to some juicy information that totally humanized her! And the other interesting thing that happened… SHE totally relaxed and from then on out, SHE became really playful with us. She had shown us her super silly, quirky side and that made her feel more FREE. Her whole body relaxed even more with the group and she even said that trickled out into her job! . Learning how to share and celebrate your kinks and quirks is Module #9 in my SPEAK FROM YOUR LIPS course. I want to help you take pride in who you are, what makes you laugh, what turns you on, what adds spice to your life! This will totally draw people into you. TOTALLY. You will make deeper friendships, you will create even more loyal followers, you will have people buying your courses and you will sell out your programs. I’m not kidding!!! . And yeah, haters gonna hate too, BUT who freakin cares? You can laugh all the way to the bank. You can laugh yourself all the way to living free and out loud while they can stay miserable and disconnected. The world is filled with negative people looking to troll and bum us out…. except when you work with me you learn again and again how to be courageous. You learn to give yourself permission to BE YOU. You learn how to deal with haters, you learn how to create safety in your own body to deal with fear of judgement, and most of all, you learn that there is nothing wrong with you. . SPEAK FROM YOUR LIPS has 34 AMAZING women already in!!! And we want you to be part of this growing sisterhood! My desire is to have 75 incredible women in with us! All learning to share their truths, speak authentically, and do what we all want: learn how to relationship build. . If this sounds like something you desire you should absolutely enroll and begin this journey with us! Don't even hesitate.

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