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Updated: May 11, 2020


I love reading articles on how to mentor, how to lead, how to coach. I recently read an incredible article by Abby VanMuijen about Feminine Mentorship and how her mentor was an incredible influence in her life. I was blown away by Abby’s article and I loved every word.

Today I’d like to invite you to think about and talk with me about menteeship, and not just any kinda menteeship, but radiant menteeship. This is what I want from anyone who approaches me seeking my guidance. It’s for the women who see something in me that they want for themselves. It’s for women who say “I’ll have what she’s having” (thank you for that hilarious line delivered by Rob Reiner’s mother in the movie When Harry Met Sally).

Ok here we go….Radiant Menteeship for epic results

1. Be shiny. Bring on the shine and bring it on extra. Practice shining brighter and brighter. Tell me all about what makes you the magnificent being you are! Exude it, talk about it, write about it, and share it.

2. Be transparent. Tell me all the things you can. Tell me what’s at the heart of what's going on with you. Go deep as you can. It will feel so much better and comfortable for both of us if you just say what you need to say. We’re in relationship here and we can make the most of our time together lif we "go there". It can be challenging to guide when I only know 1/2 the story.

3. Challenge me. Bring me your hard shit. I’m not saying I can fix everything for you or that fixing is even part of the job. But I can witness you in your truth. We can put our full attention and devotion into what is calling to be seen and paid attention to in your life. I have a lot of experience in a lot of areas in life and you do too! Let’s face this challenge together and make some shifts.

4. Bring me your tears. Let’s process and release your emotions. Get a little more unstuck. Explore and even recognize when and where the tears come up. Thank our tears... for they are unlike anything else in our bodies!!!! And with that comes great opportunity for transformation. Let's give those tears the honoring and reverence they deserve.

5. Closely guard your listening, the circles you spend time in, and where you allow yourself to be influenced. I highly suggest you have exquisite care when deciding where to spend your precious time, energy, and money. Boundaries. I often have my mentees do the Blank Piece of Paper exercise several times until they feel really good about what they are allowing into their days (contact me to do a mini version of this!). As India Arie says “A boundary is drawing a circle and saying everything inside here is sacred.” BOOM! Yes. That!

6. Don’t be afraid to mentor me back. Yep, you read that right. You are my client because you are fricken awesome, you are up to awesome things, you have awesome wisdom and you are an influencer. Don’t be afraid to also influence me AND also it is not your job to do emotional labor on me. This is simply permission for you to do it if there is a desire and you choose to.

7. Rise alongside me. And I dare you to pass me! lol, I say that facetiously, because I believe both in rising together, arms linked, and also as we excel forward we should be reaching back to see who from our curated community needs our extended hand.

8. Put me in my place if you need to. Call me in/out and do it right away if you can. This is important in keeping our relationships psychologically comfortable for both of us. Also, tell me if you just want to vent and have me hold space for you vs get coaching you.

9. Be willing to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. This is a big one (well they all are but still). You have to be willing to DO THE SHINY THING. Like do it. Try it out. And then see it through. Don’t just throw it at the wall one time. Try a couple times, if you make just one Facebook post and expect your business to sell out before you have taken the time to build and nurture your audience, then you are not seeing it through (now we’re talking strategy and to really get deeper into this I will write a separate blog on it later).

10. Don’t be afraid to leave me. At the end of the day your priority is you. If you have really truly honestly done all of the above and we are having heart to heart conversations and something still isn’t clicking, then maybe we need to explore something else. My priority is your growth and getting your amazing gifts out into the world. I do not want to hold you back. And guess what else... don’t be afraid to come back to me. Don’t be afraid to step out of the relationship, go do some work with another expert or on yourself on your own, and then come back to me so we can continue our work together.

As my mentee it is all on the table.

I want to know all the things you are ready to share with me.

I would love for you to take me on your creative swirls....and do it while they are happening in the moment!


It's true.

We need heaps of ideas and creativity.

It's imperative for the future of our planet and the human race.

Plus, I wouldn’t take you on as a mentee unless I 100% believed in you. I want you to know I am here standing right next to you, cheering you on with all of my heart. Your gifts are an important part of our shift in supporting women and the world as we all step deeper into our embodiment, awareness, empowerment, sensuality, and our healing quest.

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