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Come work and play with me!

Hey girl hey!

Come laugh, cry, dance, hip circle, embody with me! Raise your hand, claim your desires, and be witnessed by other powerful women doing the same. My Mastermind is like nothing you have ever been part of. Come ready to get your mind blown.

My #1 goal for you: SELF EMPOWERMENT

You know what’s best for you and always have. But sometimes we loose sight of that warrior woman inside. Sometimes she’s called bossy, a know it all, or a bitch and we learn to shut her down. Well guess what, ain’t no shutting down happening in this Mastermind!

Instead we work on releasing her and celebrating her. We decide you are worthy. We decide you are valuable. We decide your wisdom is needed and wanted.

We work on building you a sustainable life and business rooted in the Divine Feminine.

I want you to take my offer to get on a call or have a messenger chat with me sooooo seriously. I am making a serious, heart felt offer to get into a close intimate container with me. I want you to know I’m ready for you. I can link arms with you and hold you in your vulnerability- because I’ve been there. I’ve been crushed by vulnerability hangovers before and now i have the pleasure based tools to work through them so that i can continue to show up in life and business again and again and again.

Slide into my DMs or book your call ASAP ....

PS My #2 GOAL in my Mastermind: SELF PERMISSION. Which I am modeling for you right now. xo

Photo by Alpana Aras

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