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I want you Happy.

I want you Empowered.

I want you in deep self trust.

And I want you making money!

Presence is my super power. 

Pleasure is my business strategy. 

I use my superpower to listen to you, track your words, and ask you powerful questions so that you can become more: 

-self empowered
-self aware
-self compassionate
-self loving
-self trusting

and release:
-the inner critic 
-competition and comparison
-self sabotage that you can live your best life! You are an incredible woman and it's time to deepen in and celebrate that even more! I can help you, you are not alone, I am here. 
During our time together we will work on things such as: 
-Visibility (Brags, Taking up space, etc)
-Owning and claiming your desires, value, and magic
-Addressing your fears
-Mindset: the re-wiring your thoughts and nervous system with new beliefs (the ones you desire vs allowing fears to run the show)
-Embodiment in business 
-Adding pleasure and fun into your life 
Women who are attracted to me: 
-Want to live their lives based on my Pleasure Principles
-Want to make money in a sustainable and pleasure-based way!
-Have BIG personalities and dreams
-Sell high ticket offers (high price point) or large group programs (speaking to many)


Coaching package: 
-6 or 12 month contract 
-3 one-on-one coaching Zoom calls per month (1 hour each)
-Voxer support for in between calls and during my office hours M-F (15 mins/day)
-VIP Day (in person or virtual depending on Covid) 
-Speaking spot at my #RedLipRevolution conference or Podcast once launched (if under contract on conference date)
-Free ticket to my group courses I run during our coaching contract  
-Access to VALT of Masterclasses for my private clients only (hosted by me)
-$4,000 per month (one spot available) 

Set up a call to talk more or send me a Facebook Messenger ASAP! 


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