Are you ready? Because I am! 


I am ready to guide you to your next level!

Book a call so we can talk all the details and you can tell me all of your desires for your business and purpose work! 

Hi! Have we met yet? I am Crystal and I love to also call myself #THATmom , and I am the badass creatress of the legendary #RedLipRevolution.
I am the mom with the 100k launch who has multiple orgasms and is known for modeling transparently how I run my life and business (good, bad, messy, and sexy).

I am BOLD aaaaaand I am SOFT.

I love to take up space AND I love giving women the space and encouragement to be shiny!!! 

I love to talk AND I love to listen with so much devotion! 
I am an expert at creating mature sisterhood circles.
You will experience so much growth by being around me, especially in my Mastermind!

Info Sheet.....

What is Crystal’s Mastermind?


It is 15 women who are ready to find their voices and use them to make an impact, to gain wealth, and change the trajectory of their lives.Your voice is UNIQUE and the sooner you tune into, deepen into, and trust this - the sooner you will get your desires.

You can ask for accountability, get your questions answered, ask for business strategy, ask for help with sisterhood, visibility and beauty wounds. It's all on the table! You will be lovingly heard and supported to get to your next level of expansion by being able to ask Crystal and the group for witnessing and wisdom.


How does it work?


    • We meet as a group 3 times per month via Zoom video call (calls are 90 mins)

    • You get 4 Masterclasses taught by Crystal

    • You get to host your own masterclass 

    • You meet 1-1 with Crystal for 1 planning + desire setting call via Zoom 

    • You get in between call support via private FB group

    • You get free access to1 Large Group course (Such as Speak from your LIPS, etc)

    • The investment is $1,500 per month for 7 months or $10,500 Pay in full (Pay in full you get 3 1-1 coaching calls as a gratitude bonus).. I will have two spots open first come at $1,200/month- message me ASAP to get one of those

    • We will have 3 "PODS" for this Mastermind and each pod will have 5 members each. Your calls will always be with your pod.


How do I apply?


Set up a call ASAP with Crystal. We have 15 spots total and 16 are taken. Book a call with me to get on the waitlist for the next round!