This is the day everything changed...

This was the day I knew in my heart I was carrying a little girl (we didn't officially find out until she was born a few weeks later). Until this point I had so much shame, fear, and anxiety around my beauty. I would sometimes poke my head out from my shell and TRY to own my beauty.... but then I would later feel ashamed, scared, and want to shut down. WHO AM I TO BE BEAUTIFUL? WHO AM I TO CELEBRATE *MY* BEAUTY? 
This photo shoot was the first time I 100% let go of those self sabotaging thoughts and realized: 
This is not just about me and my baggage. 
If I am to bring a little girl into this world I need to equip myself, I need to awaken myself, I need to love myself...all of me. 
The INSIDE and the OUTSIDE. 
Because I am a WHOLE PERSON. 
Because the vessel that houses all the beauty that lies within me is also important. 
And then on April 4th, 2015 I was handed my daughter for the first time. 
And she was perfect. 
She was born beautiful. 
She IS beauty. 
ALL little girls are BORN beautiful and perfect. 
This is our true and natural state as feminine creatures. 
To be the greatest beauty in the world. 
This is available to every single little girl. 
To every single one of us.
To every women. 
To you. 
And as my little girl grows up I have made a promise, 
that she will keep her beauty-knowing safe. 
That she will keep that knowing protected from the many LIES that will be told to her.....
that she is not tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough....
those lies ALL OF US were told somewhere along the way....
the lies that separated us from our truth, that made us feel less than, that created boundaries of connection from our sisters because of the lie of BEAUTY SCARCITY. 

Let me be the first to get in line to tell you: 
you were created beautiful, 
it is time to heal- to rewire your thinking, 
and it is time for you to reclaim what is already yours. 
Stop giving your beauty superpower away to OUTSIDE SOURCES. 
They feed off of the lie of beauty scarcity, separation, and lack of sisterhood. 
I know outward beauty is not all we are. BUT it is some of what we are, it is part of us, and it is calling to you to be addressed. 
To be loved on. 
To be nurtured. 
To be recognized for what it truly is.... Divinely Beautiful.
Life is a gift. Your very existence is a gift. Your body is a gift. 
So come back home to her, the LITTLE GIRL INSIDE YOU, her innocent beauty.... and the power that lies within. 
xoxo, Crystal